Creator: Titian
Title: Flora
Date: c. 1515-20
Media: Oil on canvas
Measurement: 79.7 x 63.5 cm
Repository: Florence, Uffizzi Gallery

The luminosity of Titian's Flora gives the painting an ethereal quality. Flora exudes beauty and youthfulness. Titian effectively captures a nymph-like quality in his painting and places it in the society of the sixteenth century Florence. This painting is perhaps an allusion to the nymph Flora -- "goddess of spring, linked to fertility and conception, who presides over love-making." [1] [2] Quite striking is the subjects stance and gaze, she averts her eyes from the viewer, while her hand is stretch out offering flowers to the beholder. The movement in the white garment and the rose colored drapes give the painting a sense of the texture that contrast nicely with the soft texture of her light skin.

Consulted source: [3]

La Bella


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