Mary Magdalene


Creator: Titian
Title: Mary Magdalene
Date: c. 1535
Media: Oil on wood
Measurement: 84 x 69 cm
Repository: Florence, Galleria Palatina

Titian created a few versions of Mary Magdalene. They share similar qualities in style, shown at half-length, with abundant blond hair flowing over her shoulders, her face facing upward towards the sky. This version of Mary Magdalene found at the Galleria Palatine is mentioned by Vasari: "a half-figure painting of a St Mary Magdalene, with her hair spread out, which is a rare thing."[1] Here her pose is reminiscent of Venus.[2]

In contrast to Titian's Magdalene, in Naples at the Galleria Nazionale Di Capodimonte, the hair is more free flowing and breast are exposed. The later Magdalene is covered, with the exception of her bare shoulder and the landscape is defined, with an image of an open book also included.

Titian, Mary Magdalene, c. 1567

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