Portrait of Maddalena Doni


Creator: Raphael [1]
Title: Portrait of Maddalena Doni
Date: 1505-7
Media: Oil on wood
Measurement: 65 x 45.8 cm
Repository: Florence, Galleria Palatina

The influence of Leonardo's Mona Lisa in the Portrait of Maddalena Doni is clear: in analyzing both women you notice they are both painted at half-length and seated, their heads turning to gaze the viewer and arms crossed in front. [2] While similarities are present, the differences are also apparent in the detailed clothes and jewelery of the subject. [3] These small but significant details were the expression of the sitter's place in society. The portrait's landscape background, while visible is not meant as a focal point -- for its prominence is not quite as evident as in the Portrait of Battista Sforza -- the viewer is attracted to the vibrancy in the textile and the exquisite detail of the jewels.

Leonardo's Mona Lisa for a comparison to Raphael's portrait:



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